Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi
Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi
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Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi

An exclusive palace for the sumptuousness and elegance of its architecture, decorations and furnishings.

You have valid reasons to choose Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi as the location for your next event in Florence:

It is a historic Florentine palace with an important cultural heritage, just restored by the property and located in an easily accessible area just a few steps from the center of Florence. Exclusive environments for the sumptuousness and elegance of the architecture, decorations and furnishings. Availability of the ballroom of 200 square meters and of the rooms adjacent to it on the main floor, of an internal courtyard, of a lemon house and of a garden, to create modularity of spaces and fulfill specific needs.

Its capacity is 210 seated people and over 450 standing on the main floor alone and many more with the addition of the courtyard and garden. Availability of all perfectly compliant services and safety equipment, including air conditioning in all rooms and a separate circuit for the service staff, including a large and fully equipped kitchen, in order to facilitate logistics and catering operations. Extensive network of alliances (not exclusive) with suppliers of a wide range of services, starting from the catering and logistics of the participants up to the setting up of the environments, for the full success of your event.

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Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi
Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi
The bust of Napoleon Bonaparte, a tribute for his stay at the end of June 1796
Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi

Over 500 years of eventful history!

The palace was restored in the second half of the 19th century by Marianna Panciatichi, the last of this family, married to Alessandro Anafesto Paolucci delle Roncole, a cultured woman and natural science scholar, to whom the current garden is owed.

The Panciatichi extinct with the death of Marianna, a few years later, again due to the lack of male heirs and therefore female, the palace passed first to the Rabitti-San Giorgio family, then from these to the Paduan family of the Arrigoni Degli Oddi, the last of the which, Oddina, married Francesco Ruffo di Calabria, prince of Scilla, and subsequently to his daughter and current owner, Isabella Fabrizia Ruffo di Calabria Becherucci.

The palace suffered serious damage during the flood of the Arno on November 4, 1966, which caused the destruction of all the Venetian lacquered furnishings that adorned the ground floor.

During 2001/2002, on the occasion of a family wedding, and subsequently in the three-year period 2005/2007, the entire noble floor of the building, including the staircase of honor, was the subject of a careful restoration work, which allowed the return of the central ballroom (200 square meters x 11 m high), and of all the adjacent rooms, to their primitive splendor, rediscovering eighteenth-century stuccoes, decorations and colors. The structure is embellished with tapestries with coats of arms, antique paintings and busts, valuable furniture and authentic eighteenth-century chandeliers and appliques.

The floor has been divided into two parts, each with its own separate entrance: the living room, with the grand staircase and the four adjacent rooms, and the rest of the rooms, forming a separate apartment, where the family went to live. of the owner.

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