On Respect for Privacy

    1. We want to respect your privacy.
    2. We will treat all your information with the utmost care and in accordance with the relevant regulations.
    3. We will use your data to fulfill your requests and respond to any contractual obligations that will involve us. We may also use them for internal analyzes and to send you news and information about PXP as long as you accept it, with the ultimate aim of continuously improving the quality of the services provided.
    4. We will not disseminate the information received from you, nor will we sell your data to any third party.
    5. We will never offer any of your data to third parties without obtaining your prior written consent.
    6. Following your request, we will inform you about your data in our possession and we will arrange for their destruction – except for those data that must be kept for accounting and administrative reasons.
    7. We ask you to respect the privacy of PXP, or to consider that the information that may have been transmitted to you is the property of PXP and may contain aspects of a private, privileged, confidential nature and in any case such as not to be disclosed to third parties.
    8. We ask you to remember that any information (comments and photos) that you choose to publish on this website is, of course, of a public nature.
      If you have any doubts about violations of your privacy, please contact us immediately.
    9. If you have any doubts about violations of your privacy, please contact us immediately.

Introduction to the General Terms and Conditions of Temporary Lease

    1. First of all, we want to ensure that your guests and yourself get the maximum satisfaction from your event, in order to always keep an excellent memory.
    2. Like you, we also know very well that the behavior of the participants in an event is completely unpredictable. Our goal is to provide maximum safety protection to anyone involved in the event, ensuring the satisfaction of all criteria for its proper conduct.
    3. For your benefit, we require you to take out a good insurance policy that can cover any damage and misdeeds occurring during the temporary rental period, which will fall under your responsibility.
    4. We believe that the utmost professionalism and preliminary clarity of every aspect, even of a contractual nature, are the best guarantee for the satisfaction of all the counterparties involved.
    5. As you well know, PXP is a private historic residence that enriches the architectural and cultural heritage of the city of Florence. We are sure that you will be committed to helping us to preserve this splendid palace, so as to pass it on intact to future generations.
    6. From the download area you will have access to the general terms and conditions of temporary rental which we will ask you to accept in full, should you choose PXP as the location for your next event.